Dianallure Combs Ladies Styling Combs 902 L

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Dianallure Combs are aesthetically unique infused printed combs. These combs are made of nonstatic material. It can with stand temperature upto 121 degree C making it ideal for daily and professional use.

Ideal For: Ladies
Color: Infused Printed, Colorful Printed
Type: Grooming Combs

In The Box
Sales Package: Blister Pack

Comb Traits + Comb Type
Series: Ladies Styling Combs
Ideal For: Ladies
Comb Type: Grooming Combs
Suitable Hair Type: All type of hair, Wet Hair, Oiled Hair
Teeth Features: Close and Mid wide spaced in Ladies Combs
Comb Material: Plastic
Comb Application: Styling Combs, Grooming Combs
Comb Set Contents: 1 Ladies Styling Combs
Number of Contents in Comb Set: 1

Additional Traits
Non Static, Non Toxic, Temperature Resistance upto 120C

More Details
Generic Name: Hair Combs

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